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Personal Loan Interest Rates

Bank Loan Amount Rate of Interest Special Need Info / Apply Now
Rs. 1 to 15 LACS. 10.99% to 18% {As per Company Category & Salary} Anytime Full or Partial Loan Closure Charges: - Nil Need Info / Apply Now
Rs. 1 to 50 LACS. New Loan - 10.99 %; Shift PL -11.29% with Nil Fees Nil Foreclosure above 10 Lacs; Approval in 48 Hrs Need Info / Apply Now
Rs. 1 to 15 LACS. 15% and Above as Per Loan Amount Approved* Salaried Employees Pvt & Public Ltd Need Info / Apply Now
Rs. 1 to 20 LACS. 11.49% - 17 % {As per Company Category & Salary} Privileged Rates to ICICI relationship; Loans to non listed companies/ No CIBIL Need Info / Apply Now
Rs. 1 to 18 LACS. 11.49% - 20% Part or Pre Close Anytine at Nil Charges Need Info / Apply Now
Upto 20 LACS. 13.8% to 17 % Priority to Govt Employees Need Info / Apply Now
Rs. 1 to 20 LACS. 12.99% onwards Easy Documentation Need Info / Apply Now
Upto 9 LACS 13% to 17% Existing Loans not obligation not considered Need Info / Apply Now
Upto 20 LACS. 15% to 18% Quick Funding Need Info / Apply Now
Up to 40 LACS. 11.49% - 17% [Depends on Net Take Home Salary, Loan Amoun & Employer] 12 EMI Paid - Foreclosure Charges Nil, Part Payment Permitted Need Info / Apply Now

General Information:-
Loan Amount: Rupees 1 Lacs to 50 LACS
Rate of Interest (APR): 10.99% to 20%
Repayment Tenor: 12 Months to 60 Months
Processing Fees: 1% -2.5%
Prepayment/ Forclosure: After 12 Months to 5% of Loan Amount
Illustration: Rs. 1 Lac loan on @12% with processing Fees for 60 Months comes to Rs. 1,33,466/-
Equated Monthly Instalment shall be: Rs. 2,224/- only.

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We will share every terms and conditions related with your Loan process like interest rates, payment tenure, EMI and any other charge applied during Loan process.

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Processing a Loan will require a lots of paper work. But, LoanMoney does verification of only important papers, assets, documents; resulting into minimal paperwork.